"Our family benefits from Alex's passion to create nutritional, delicious, organic based recipes that cry out their uniqueness. A must for all health minded people.5 out of 5"

- Terry Geddes

"We can't say enough about Alex and Soulfire foods! Eating healthy is a high priority in our family and with our busy schedules it can be tough at times to prepare things in a rush. Coming home after a busy night of running to kids activities and opening the fridge to warm up a healthy and delicious home cooked meal is such a weight lifted from my shoulders. Seeing my kids loving Alex's delicious vegan style meals warms my heart every time.

We love you Alex!" 

- Krista

"Finding this opportunity to order jars from Alex that are plant based, healthy and delicious is a win! And the availability of dairy free and gluten free also offers the chance to share with friends who are also health conscious and have some dietary restrictions.
It is a great way to try new flavours and recipes that you maybe were uncertain of, and opens your eyes to a way of enjoying meals that you thought were excluded due to their usual dairy or wheat component. I like to freeze the meals, like golden red lentil dal, and bring it out in a busy evening for that “tastes like you’ve been cooking all day” feeling.
The salads are great for work, and the homemade dressings are so flavourful (the best balsamic and lemon tahini are two of my favourites).  The veggies are so fresh and the combinations are amazing."


-Sandra H

"Alex is awesome! When you walk into your first class, you can tell she is a yogi and knows what she is doing. For beginners like myself, she has a way of making you feel very comfortable. Buti Yoga is no joke. It will get you sweating and shaking instantly. The movements are challenging but she always has modifications for beginners and individuals with injuries. Her playlists are so much fun and there is a lot of interaction with peers. LOVE LOVE THIS class! She made me fall in love with yoga and I now look forward to Monday’s"

- Stephanie

" Alex has such a positive powerful impact on teaching self awareness. Our class consists of all ages, shapes, fitness levels and so so much support. I'm a tired Mom and Buti recharges my energy for the week to come. I highly recommend attending a class, you'll be hooked

like the rest of us." 

- Steph

"I straight up often lack in healthy cooking creativity. The salad jars have saved my life and the healthier treats don't last long with my husband and kids. Thanks Alex xo"

- Steph


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